• I'm a 3D character animator/generalist based  in London.I have worked at various levels in the postproduction industry for more then fifteen years and one of my strongest skills is character animation. I started as a 3D animator, later I worked as a Flame artist and finally I did the vfx supervision, for example on Tristan and Isolde project (Ridley Scott Production 2006). Six years ago I moved in UK and since then I have been working as a 3D generalist and lead/senior animator mostly in Soho for high profile companies like Glassworks, Jellyfish Pictures, The Mill, Passion Pictures, Prime Focus etc. I also worked one year as a lead character animator on TV series for children ( Inspire GLG ). My responsibilities included character animation, rigging, lighting/shader setups and design of 3D characters. Thanks to my work experience I have got a wide knowlidge of the 3D animation and the consecutive 2D technologies.

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